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Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial Rejuvenation®
Online Training Course Information

GW facial training courses

GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation

Therapist Training Course Information
Available for treatments in a Home clinic only. Perfect for Massage therapists, Beauty therapists, Reflexologists, Facial therapists, other natural therapists and anyone looking to learn a new skill set for a new natural modality.

Introducing our 'Watch & Apply' Video Training Course designed for natural therapists and those aspiring to be future therapists! Led by Anna Glasson, the founder of GW Facial Therapy and a seasoned reflexologist and massage therapist, this course is tailored to fit your busy schedule. Anna understands that time is precious, so she has condensed all the essential information into easy-to-follow online videos and illustrations.


Our unique 'Watch & Apply' Video course makes learning the basic techniques of GW Facial Therapy, a breeze. It's not just about beauty; GW is equally focused on promoting health and wellness.


Embark on this video-based short course for a seamless transition from learning the techniques to practicing them on yourself, friends, clients and family. Simply watch the videos and start practicing today – it's that easy!


Experience a quick and enjoyable learning curve with GW Facial Therapy, a thrilling NEW modality that your clients will always remember. Enjoy the rewards of increased client numbers, a better return per hour, and the satisfaction of seeing your clients absolutely love the treatment.

The Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial Rejuvenation® Training Course
Ideal if you want to create a new direction, new service or home business for yourself. Our focus is to help you become the very best GW Facial Therapist that you can achieve. In summary, this easy to follow package provides you with access to GW techniques, videos and illustrations including the fabulous GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation treatment. You will learn how to give your clients a 100% natural holistic facial therapy treatment that delivers an amazing result - see client feedback.
An Attendance Certificate will be emailed to you.


Pricing Plan - Initial Course Fee $850 then ongoing access to the online resources is $55 monthly until cancelled.

The Subscription will provide you with ongoing online access, for as long as you need it, to the online Resource Dashboard. The Dashboard contains the Course resources - videos and PDF access. Most therapists prefer to keep their monthly subscription access open for ongoing reference purposes. It is entirely up to you. You can cancel it any time on your dashboard.

Please Note:
Refunds: Please be aware, as you will have immediate access to our videos and training material, refunds are not available for our courses. If you are ready to enhance your skills, we look forward to having you join our training sessions!

ACCESS NOTE: After purchasing, to access the GW Japanese Facial Course resources, hover your mouse over the navigation bar link "Access to Resources" and from the drop-down menu, select "GW Japanese Facial Course". The Resource Dashboard will then open for you. If it doesn't open you may need to login first as your computer or device hasn't "remembered" you.


If you don't have it already and professional indemnity insurance is required, after you start the course there is an option for current subscribers, by contacting GW Support, to upgrade ($440) to the GW Completion Certificate. You can purchase this 'optional extra' in your
Wholesale Supplies Shop.

To complete this additional Certificate, there is a self-correcting 20 question theory examination, and involves you delivering and recording 12 practical treatments on friends, clients or family.
There is then a final one hour Zoom Fine-tuning/assessment session, one-on-one with GW founder, Anna.

This Completion Certificate would then allow you to apply for professional indemnity insurance via IICT, should you need it. You will find more about this on your Resource Dashboard.

Purchase Course HERE


Note: Our Founder and Master Trainer Anna provides all GW training. Easy-to-follow online training videos are by Anna. Illustrated PDFs support the videos - all available online.


"I couldn't be more excited about the results and potential of the GW Facial Therapy techniques. Right from the start I could see the positive results in myself and my clients.  In fact, with a couple of my first clients I watched lines and discoloration literally disappear before my eyes ... after each session I asked the client to look in the mirror and provide feedback - mainly to confirm what I was witnessing!  They were amazed at the instant results.  Not only that, these results are lasting 3-5 days after the session!  I have had clients who are well versed on the "usual" facials and all have made mention that the GW Facial technique doesn't "wash off" at the end of the day like so many other facials they have had.  The effects are long-lasting. These seasoned Facial-ists have also commented on the beautiful products - they are light and not oily on the skin after the session, and the fragrance is not overpowering. On top of that, the level of relaxation and healing that is happening with my clients is outstanding. Clients commenting that they are breathing better, tension has been released, stomach has settled, headaches have lessened, they are sleeping better afterwards and also they are getting comments from those around them asking them what they have been doing as they look great! Because of this I have already had numerous referrals, including requests for gift certificates.  To sum it up, one client said to me "this is NOT a facial ... this is an EXPERIENCE!" I agree wholeheartedly and I am so grateful to Anna, Roger and GW Facial for bringing this asset to my business."
Jaye B.


"The videos are very descriptive and techniques were easy to understand. Anna's explanations were also easy to understand. The videos were perfect length & loved we had PDF notes to refer to at the same time." Claire H.

"I have just completed the GW Japanese Facial Course and it has been a wonderful experience. I have done this online from Perth and have felt very supported throughout the process. The course is broken up into segments so it's not too overwhelming. The videos are thorough and easy to follow as Anna explains each step in depth. The Zoom Fine-tuning session with Anna was very useful for perfecting some of the more tricky techniques. I found both Anna and Roger to be extremely helpful, understanding and caring, always available and quick to respond to queries. They are obviously very passionate about what they do and it's contagious!"
Sarah P.

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Japanese Facial Certificate of Completion
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