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Note: We provide GW training for authorized therapists including access to the online GW Reference Library. The Library contains fourteen easy-to-follow online training videos and illustrated PDFs.

"I couldn't be more excited about the results and potential of the GW Facial Therapy techniques. Right from the start I could see the positive results in myself and my clients.  In fact, with a couple of my first clients I watched lines and discoloration literally disappear before my eyes ... after each session I asked the client to look in the mirror and provide feedback - mainly to confirm what I was witnessing!  They were amazed at the instant results.  Not only that, these results are lasting 3-5 days after the session!  I have had clients who are well versed on the "usual" facials and all have made mention that the GW Facial technique doesn't "wash off" at the end of the day like so many other facials they have had.  The effects are long-lasting. These seasoned Facial-ists have also commented on the beautiful products - they are light and not oily on the skin after the session, and the fragrance is not overpowering. On top of that, the level of relaxation and healing that is happening with my clients is outstanding. Clients commenting that they are breathing better, tension has been released, stomach has settled, headaches have lessened, they are sleeping better afterwards and also they are getting comments from those around them asking them what they have been doing as they look great! Because of this I have already had numerous referrals, including requests for gift certificates.  To sum it up, one client said to me "this is NOT a facial ... this is an EXPERIENCE!" I agree wholeheartedly and I am so grateful to Anna, Roger and GW Facial for bringing this asset to my business."
Jaye B.

"I found the information and the videos to be very clear and there was a good sense of flow throughout the course. I liked how it was broken down into sections which made it easier to learn at my own pace and practice at the same time. Overall I found it to be a really enjoyable course and I look forward to practicing it on others, and recommend it to anyone looking to expand their health, well-being and beauty practices. :) "
Ellouise G.

"The videos are very descriptive and techniques were easy to understand. Anna's explanations were also easy to understand. The videos were perfect length & loved we had PDF notes to refer to at the same time."
Claire H.

"The online training was a lovely introduction to the philosophy & the massage techniques & the Japanese facial acupressure used by GW Facial Therapy."

Anne W.

"Amazing experience. I learnt so much. Anne is a wonderful teacher. She is skilled, knowledgeable, patient and inspiring. The workbook provided is a rich resource and beautifully put together. I'd highly recommend this course to anyone regardless of their knowledge base."

Robyn A.

“This is a first-class, extremely comprehensive course. Anne is an experienced and thorough trainer. The products and therapeutic moves learnt are unique and inspiring. I would most definitely recommend the course.”
Aileen S.

“I would highly recommend this course. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning these Japanese Facial techniques, giving and receiving this treatment and being taught by Anna, who is very professional and knowledgeable in these natural therapies.”
Therese M.

“I thoroughly recommend this training. Professional, enjoyable, valuable, new skills. Well worth the investment.”
Judy V.

"Very informative and lots of techniques to introduce into my salon. Yes I would be happy to recommend to others in my industry."
Jenna M.

"I have just completed the GW Japanese Facial Course and it has been a wonderful experience. I have done this online from Perth and have felt very supported throughout the process. The course is broken up into segments so it's not too overwhelming. The videos are thorough and easy to follow as Anna explains each step in depth. The Zoom Fine-tuning session with Anna was very useful for perfecting some of the more tricky techniques.  I found both Anna and Roger to be extremely helpful, understanding and caring, always available and quick to respond to queries. They are obviously very passionate about what they do and it's contagious!"
Sarah P.

"I recently completed the online training of GW Facial Therapy and I found the course content very informative and easy to follow.  It was a great experience for me. I would highly recommend this modality if you are looking to add something new and exciting into your existing techniques and experience."
Michelle D.

"I would highly recommend the GW Facial Therapy online course to anyone looking to add a gorgeous pampering facial therapy to their holistic business. The course content was very thorough and easy to understand and the professional videos made it super easy to follow all the techniques. Anna and Roger offered great support throughout the course and the Fine tuning session put it all together beautifully at the end!"
Gina B.

"I have recently completed the Online Training & One Day Workshop Fine Tuning course with Anna. The online modules were very informative. I found the training videos a very convenient way of learning as I was able to access them at anytime and rewatch as needed. I found Anna to be very valuable with her knowledge and techniques. I would absolutely recommend this course to other therapists who wish to add something unique to their practice. I have already had lots of positive feedback from my own clients and find the treatment both beautiful to give and receive."
Danielle T.

"I found the Online Videos easy to follow and very precise. Anna explained every step thoroughly. I enjoyed re-watching the videos at my own pace and I could go back over areas as I needed. The Fine tuning was perfect to finish off the course and I am already receiving excellent feed back from my practice facials."
Natalie T.

“This course is very informative, Anne has so much knowledge and experience which makes this course so authentic.  The videos are easy to follow and have the attention to detail required for online learning.  I enjoyed the hands-on follow up Fine-tuning session, which was immensely useful especially with refining the techniques.  Anne and Roger’s hospitality and helpfulness were much appreciated through-out the process.  Thanks for making this course available.”
Lucy B.

"I have really enjoyed the course. Anna is very informative and her guidance to use the right technique is amazing. I feel confident knowing I have the skills to perform facials. I would recommend."

Gill T.

“Even though I’m a qualified face massage therapist, I really enjoyed the training course. Anne is so professional. It is easy to understand all the techniques. I will definitely recommend the GW Facial Therapy course to my friends.”
Ingreda L.

“I enjoyed the course and learnt lots about Facial therapy. Thank you. Yes, I would recommend it to others.”
Rie J.

“I have loved learning the GW Facial Therapy course. It is a beautiful treatment for yourself & to share with others. The training has been easy to digest & enjoyable to learn. I would definitely recommend this course if you are wanting to expand your skills, learn new things or offer a unique new service to your business.”

And then in a later email...
“Just wanted to let you know that my first facial went really well and my client bought $200 worth of products! It’s certainly a great return and very rewarding work.”

Jenny G.


“The training course was very informative and packed with many amazing techniques. Which made me feel more confident about applying them on others and definitely bring me many satisfied customers for my new business”
Aneta R.


“Training was great. I would definitely recommend to others.
Indre H.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Uplifting.”
Tracey C.

“If you are looking for a cutting-edge, informative training experience with the gracious & confident founders of GW on how to pamper & reduce the stress of your clients whilst nourishing their skin, this course is for you 😊”

Leah B.

“Definitely recommend. Very informative. Lovely people. Looking forward to getting started.”
Janine K.

“This is a Gorgeous way for Women to learn an all over wellbeing and natural uplifting facial. With beautiful products, techniques. Delivered in an easy to learn environment.”
Kim M.

“Yes I would recommend. Very well presented and structured for those new to learning and for knowledgeable practitioners. Covers everything from skin types to delivering the modality, to marketing and attracting future clients. If you are interested you will be gaining benefit from learning a new modality as well as satisfying your personal skills.”
Penny P.

"Anna’s GW Facial Therapy course was very thorough. Contained in-depth knowledge with step by step instructions. The resources & handouts provided to us were very high quality & the attention to detail was second to none. Anna & Roger are heart centered people & have given me all the tools & support I need to implement these teachings into my business successfully. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to offer an effective natural alternative to their clients. Thank you.”
Janelle N.

“I am currently studying reflexology and wanted to do more. Anna was highly recommended to me by a fellow student on GW Facial Therapy.
This is a unique, beautiful, healing course. Anna and Roger are open, enthusiastic people, and I am excited to embark on my next chapter, using their product, and I’m so honoured to be called a GW Facial Therapist.”

Deb W.

“Anna has been able to really oversee our technique, a great course. Anna’s passion is infectious, and I can’t wait to be able to offer this beautiful therapy.”
Marlena F.

“This training was very informative, hands on and an overall holistic experience with ongoing support after completion of training.”
Melinda G.

“Absolutely fabulous”. Very very well presented in theory and practice. I felt wonderful and am eager to extend this amazing treatment to my business. The products that are used have changed my skin. I feel beautiful. Thank you so much Anna and Roger for sharing this rare gem 😊”
Nancy W.

“This was a wonderful course. I highly recommend it. Anna is very generous with her in-depth knowledge and experience in this modality. As a Kinesiologist and Reiki practitioner, I believe this modality will complement my clinical offerings in a lovely way.”
Heather W.

“A very enjoyable course. Learning new skills with delightful products to create a great result in a fresh uplifting face.”
Anne C.

“Very good. I would recommend to anybody.”
Kim W.

“This training is going to be very beneficial to my clients and complementary to the services that I already provide within my clinic. This training is a good technique to help take the pressure off of heavy body work. I am looking for longevity within my working life.”
Lyn S.

“This was an amazing course. I have thoroughly enjoyed the training. I’m really excited about adding this beautiful treatment to my Pilates business. Thank you very much Anna and Roger”
Michelle M.

“Beautiful, nourishing practice, suitable for those wanting to make a business or career out of it or simply to apply techniques to friends and family.”
Heidi P.

“The whole course was so enjoyable.”
Louise P.

“I was left feeling confident and able to perform facial massage. Great for personal development.”
Pamela L.

“I would highly recommend this course. The Japanese facial and massage techniques were unique and felt truly divine. I’m looking forward to practising.”
Marisa F.

“I really enjoyed the training course and learned a lot. My skin feels amazing.”
Sophie E.

“I really enjoyed learning all the techniques. Anna explained the course really well. Would really recommend to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge.”
Cheyenne N.

“Anna is a wealth of knowledge and I am grateful for her sharing her gift with us.”
Lauree-Mae S.

“Thank you so much to Anna. What wonderful techniques. I’m feeling excited to allow things to unfold & incorporate this into my reflexology business.”
Ally J.

“What a marvel! I am so grateful for being able to learn such a healthy and natural therapy & beauty modality! I feel honoured to “spread the health and beauty” and blossom up the quality of life for many of my future clients. Thank you Anne and Rog! 😊"

Zita S-P.

“The training course has been very informative and Anna is a wonderful teacher, who takes the time to ensure every student understands & has the techniques perfected. Anne is very passionate about what she does, which makes for a lovely environment to learn in.”
Narelle T.

“A very thorough, informative training. Anna is amazing with her knowledge and so willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure you are confident and comfortable with your sequencing. I can’t wait to start this treatment in my clinic.”
Sandi R.

“A very thorough course covering all the steps needed, very helpful and patient with people new to the industry. Thank you.”
Kirsten H.

“I loved this course. Thank you so much. The training was very well delivered and organised. And it was wonderful to have so much practical/hands on exercises. You were such lo0vely people to learn from and the support offered after the training has finished is very much appreciated.”
Amanda N.

“I haven’t learnt any face therapy before. I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching and am looking forward to implementing this therapy. Yes, I would recommend. Thanks Anna & Roger.”
Toni W.

“I thoroughly recommend this hands-on training course. Anna is very professional and knowledgeable in natural therapies.”
Sachiko N.

“Well blended, time, routine & learning goals. Anna is an excellent trainer/practitioner; she holds a beautiful presence & takes time to diligently explain & show you how to perform the techniques. First time undertaking a beauty/healing course. I loved it all. Thank you!”
Sharon H.

“Great course. Lots of content. Happy to recommend”
Heather B.

"I am loving the online Course and the Products. I could see results from the practice  treatments I am doing straight away and am sure my clients will love the facial too.”

Natalie T.

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