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IICT and Professional Indemnity Insurance 

The International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT)

IICT have connections with insurance companies able to provide their eligible members who work within the following countries, with Professional Indemnity insurance.


Therapists and Therapists to-be, who have completed the GW Japanese Facial Course with the examination, 12 practical treatments with a successful assessment, and as a result hold the GW Japanese Facial Training Course Registered Numbered Completion Certificate will be able to apply for insurance via the IICT. Approval will be subject to the requirements of the IICT, including membership required, and of course the insurance company. Existing IICT Members should be able to add GW Facial Therapy as another modality to their existing Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Extract from IICT website - "We’re a global membership body that provides recognition and credibility for complementary therapists who work in 1,100+ modalities. IICT Membership also gives you access to exclusive insurance rates with our recommended partners for all your approved modalities. You can be covered for multiple modalities on your membership and insurance policy." See more at the IICT website -

List of IICT eligible countries as at 2023. Through its association with IICT, GW Facial Therapy is a recognized and registered modality in these 35 countries.

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