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Anna Glasson


Over the years GW Facial Therapy has become a proven highly effective, 100% natural holistic, internationally recognized modality achieving improvements in BEAUTY, HEALTH and WELLNESS.


A little about Anna

GW Facial Therapy founder Anna Glasson, now in her 60's but looking 10 years younger, created GW Facial Therapy.
Anna's passion is practicing and teaching natural facial rejuvenation using precise, intensive, firm but also gentle manipulation of the facial muscles, in synergy with natural anti-aging oils and creams. ​ An expert in her own right, for more than 20 years Anna continued to learn from other facial experts including 20th generation Japanese Masters. Anna researched; ancient and modern methods of natural facial rejuvenation using facial techniques and natural oils; including Japanese face massage, anti-aging facial Reflexology, Japanese facial acupressure, and face-lifting massage techniques.


Anna took the very best of these techniques and merged them with her own reflexology techniques. She then developed a range of natural premium anti-aging skin care facial oil and cream products, again based on ancient knowledge. GW Facial Therapy was created!  This proven successful and fabulous treatment is now recognised in 35 countries.


This treatment is our unique and proven GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation treatment. Anna now shares this knowledge, through her online training courses and Zoom fine tuning sessions, with students in Australia, the US, UK, Canada and Europe.

Comments by Anna Glasson the founder of GW Facial Therapy

My students love the training and treatment with the majority being Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, Aromatherapists, Beauty Therapists/Estheticians and Natural Therapists looking to offer new services. Most students take the training course - GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation treatment.
Some Beauticians just want to learn new techniques to add to their existing facial services and take the GW Techniques 1 & 2 and GW Treatment training courses.

I am now in my sixties, and I find it so rewarding to see my GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation treatment is now recognized in 35 countries by the IICT.

The secret to our success is simple. We know beautiful skin is healthy skin. That’s what we are all about! Every woman wants gorgeous glowing skin, and GW Facial Therapy, coupled with our range of GW products, will help you to achieve this… naturally!

My focus is to help you become the very best Facial Therapist that you can achieve. In my GW Training videos and courses I will show you how to transform your clients face and skin into the very best they could ever have...


Anna Glasson
Master Trainer for GW Facial Therapy 

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