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Welcome to the world of GW Facial Therapy, where proven effectiveness meets international recognition in achieving enhancements in BEAUTY, HEALTH, and WELLNESS.

Let's dive into a bit about Anna, the visionary behind GW Facial Therapy. In her vibrant 60s, Anna Glasson, the founder, radiates a youthfulness that defies her age, courtesy of her revolutionary facial manipulation techniques and skincare products. Anna's devotion lies in practicing and imparting knowledge about natural facial treatments, employing precise, intensive, and gentle manipulation and reshaping of facial muscles, harmonizing with natural anti-aging oils and creams. The results? A harmonious blend of improved health, wellness, and beauty. An authority in her field, Anna continuously honed her expertise for over two decades, drawing inspiration from a lineage of Japanese Masters and exploring ancient and modern natural facial manipulation methods. The culmination of these learnings became GW Facial Therapy.


Anna seamlessly integrated these techniques with her reflexology expertise, crafting a range of premium anti-aging skincare products rooted in ancient wisdom. Enter GW Facial Therapy!


In Anna's own words: "Therapists love the training and treatment. I find it so rewarding to witness my GW Japanese Facial treatment being recognized in 35 countries by the IICT. The secret to our success is simple. Our results enhance beauty, health, and wellness. Beautiful skin is healthy skin, and that's our essence! Every woman desires to feel healthy and happy, adorned with gorgeous, glowing skin. GW will guide you naturally towards achieving this!"


Anna's primary focus is to empower you to become the best GW Facial Therapist you can be. Through her GW Information videos and illustrations, she shares insights on how to enhance the health and wellness of your clients, confidently transforming their faces and skin into the very best version they could ever have.

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