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My passion is natural facial rejuvenation. 


I have studied and teach ancient methods of natural facial rejuvenation, natural face-lifting, Japanese and Ayurvedic facial reflexology, Japanese facial acupressure and western facial massage techniques.

I enjoy practicing facial rejuvenation using the GW Facial Therapy techniques I have developed for my Brisbane home clinic clients.
I love the feedback I receive from my clients. It is very satisfying work.  See here

About my Gorgeous Woman clinic and retail products
Over the last 20 years or so I have also developed our own range of skin care products specifically for my natural anti-aging facial therapy use. Using premium ingredients, we handcraft our unique secret blends in small batches in Australia. Our Gorgeous Woman Skin Care products work in harmony with, and enhance my face-lifting techniques. You will not find these products in shops. Many of our products are reserved for therapist use only.


We invite you to become a GW Facial Therapist and look forward to working with you and helping you transform your clients, and your skin, into the very best they and you, could ever have…

Anne McBride
GW Facial Therapy

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