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Feedback from Anna's (Anne) clients.
For privacy reasons names are not shown.

"I want to thank you for the most amazing facial treatment I have ever received. Absolutely spectacular! My face has never looked as good in my life. I look in the mirror and my face looks different!"

"I have been looking for a good facial. Look at my face. Amazing! Haven't had anything like this. I'll be back. Expect to have my friend book in as well."


"Wow I have never had techniques like that anywhere. That was the best facial I have ever had!"

"I Absolutely Highly recommend this facial. It is out of this World and you will see a difference in your face after just 1 session
Love love love this facial 💚" Facebook

“All my family and friends are coming to you for their facials now, including the family interstate when they visit next! The results speak for themselves.”​

​"I have been getting facials at the hairdressers but this is completely different. It is on a different level. It's total rejuvenation for the face and body. I wish my husband was at home tonight to see my face"​

​"Left feeling great, 1st time experience made further aptmt."

"Really beautiful treatment and Anne really knows her stuff! So relaxing, I will definitely book again."  

​"I can't believe how amazing that was! Fabulous! Amazing! My daughters need to come and get this. I'm going to text my friend and thank her for the Gift Voucher. You are a hidden gem Anne but I am going to tell everyone about you."


"This is the best facial I have ever had. I can actually feel the sinuses drain as you work them. Can I come back in two weeks..."

"This is amazing. This is incredible. Look at the shape of my face now!"

"Brought you a little present of SoCal chocolates from California. Back for another Japanese facial. Love it! We have nothing like this in California!"

"I didn't know what I was looking for. This is what I wanted. My face is lifted, jaw is released and I feel and look good!"

"Your facials are better than I can get in Japan!"


"I love what you’ve done with this old face!  I feel good again . Thank you.  Your price is such great value and your products are lovely on my sensitive skin."  

"I thought the facial my husband bought me for my birthday at the xxxxxx day spa was amazing, but then I had your facial.  Your techniques are amazing and feel divine and my skin is  glowing and plump. I have really tight inflamed jaw muscles and no therapist or even physiotherapist has been able to release them.  Well you did, in the very first treatment. And you reshaped and lifted all my muscles around my jaw and cheeks. Thank you."


"This facial is brilliant. I can't believe how effective it is. A powerful effect. My sinuses are so much better. My breathing has improved too. And my face has improved so much. The puffiness and swelling has gone. Telling all my friends and the nurses at work. What an amazing treatment."

"I had this facial last week. It was wonderful. Had so much energy the next day 😊"

"Amazing facial 😃"

"Thank you very much.
Your knowledge and understanding is amazing."

"This is amazing. This is amazing! This treatment really works! I felt the sinuses draining as you worked. So happy."

"I didn't want you to stop. I wanted you to keep going forever!"


"That was way, way the best facial I have had in my life."

"Give me some of your cards and I'm going to tell all my friends how good you are."

"This facial is truly divine.  I think I’m just totally blissed by it.  My whole face feels alive now and you know exactly how to release all that tension and tightness.  I’m a jaw clencher and the difference is just amazing .  And the silky softness in my skin…. I love it all. I can’t wait to come back for my next facial.  I’m so relaxed and chilled and so happy with face."

"You’re a hidden gem here, so glad I found you.  First facial was amazing and I’m so happy with the shape of my face and lifted appearance.  My face feels alive.  The tight muscles in my jaw are totally relaxed now.  The second facial really made a difference too and I can definitely see a big difference around the eyes and my jawline. And just the soft smoothness and even less lines is so good.  I wish I’d known about you sooner."

"Your face massage techniques are really amazing, I’ve never had anything like this facial. I feel so completely relaxed and my face looks and feels just beautiful. You are such a great find and I’ll send all my friends to you. Thank you."

"I expected to be relaxed and calm but I didn't expect my face to look like this! How did you get my face to look so plump and smooth? And the wrinkles are gone!"​

"Love my Japanese facials and keep booking them.  They are addictive.  The other facials didn't ever actually do anything."

"Mum and I have been trying to find a good facial therapist since we moved here.  And we are both very happy to have discovered you.  Mum really loves the techniques and the products are completely natural and smell so good and agree with her sensitive skin. I loved my facial.  Really amazing. Exactly what I've been looking for. My skin is really lifted and the lines have disappeared.  The tight muscles are released and around my mouth looks smoother. Thank you."

​"I don't want to go down the botox and injectables road as I prefer to live more naturally. I've been looking for a really good all natural facial and I could hardly believe it when I heard about your amazing facial from a friend.  The Gorgeous Woman facial really does lift and sculpt my face and what I love is that the fine lines round my eyes and mouth are smoothing out and my skin is really plump.  I'm so happy I found you Anne and I'm sending my friends along."

​"My face feels alive. It feels like you have brought my face back to life again! And my body too! Look at my face - where have the lines gone!"​

​"This Japanese facial is on a different level, more what you expect from a $300 treatment.  I’d been thinking about having botox injections, but with having some Japanese facials my skin is plumped up and toned and I don't need botox.  The frown lines are gone and my hormonal break outs are completely cleared up.  I’ve bought some of the Gorgeous Woman products from Anne and they are keeping my skin looking beautiful, the best its ever been."​

​“Dear Anne, I would just like to put into writing how grateful I am to have been introduced to your Japanese Facials.
Each time I have a treatment and ongoing afterwards, I am acutely aware of both physical and emotional shifts occurring for me .
Apart from the fact that my face looks and feels  markedly more relaxed  and alive and my skin glowing I feel very much more relaxed in myself and MOST important to me I feel more aware of  my emotions and my goals and I feel distanced from issues I have been unnecessarily concerned about leading up to my treatment.
During the massage process, the technique you use activating the meridian points, noticeably releases negative energy right throughout my  body allowing positive, healing energy to flow in . It feels very powerful. I have never been one for indulging in pampering myself and I certainly do not consider that your Japanese facial falls into this category.
The treatment for me allows me to stay centered and work on myself in a positive way which I believe in turn benefits not only myself but all those around me.
It also helps me greatly to approach my workload with less pressure. 
Thank you again for being you as you have such a passion for helping people which is what drives you to perfection.
I look forward to my treatments so much and the release of negative energy they afford me … not to mention the fewer wrinkles and a less intense look on my face
I hope you have a wonderful week.”

“I am writing this with regards to Anne McBride (Redland Reflexology). I have been a client of Anne’s for almost two years and have a regular GW Japanese Facials.
I find Anne’s caring nature and her knowledge of her profession is what keeps me coming back once a month for my facial, as I come away feeling revived and relaxed and I feel good about myself.
The quality of her Gorgeous Women products is of high quality and professional. I recommended Anne too many of my friends and all speak highly of their experiences.
I am impressed with Anne’s ability to keep up with all the knowledge and techniques of her profession.”

"After having a GW Japanese facial with Anne, I walk out feeling amazing.  Her facials are so deeply relaxing and the products she uses are very calming and gentle with no irritation whatsoever.  My face feels amazing afterwards and I would recommend Anne to anyone.  I have referred a few of my friends to Anne who have also experienced her wonderful facials.  Her technique is beautiful and you just don't want it to end.  I cannot recommend Anne enough."

“I highly recommend the Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial from Anne at Redland Reflexology.
The Japanese Facial is a wonderful relaxing facial experience which leaves my skin feeling plump and glowing from the natural gorgeous women skin care products used and with the acupressure points, aging facial reflexology and natural facial lifting massage.  I love that Anne can achieve all this naturally for my skin and I leave so relaxed and my skin feeling and looking fantastic.”

“I originally went to Anne for reflexology to help with “old age” problems which was and still is a great help. I also bought some of her Gorgeous woman products and was really pleased with how my skin improved over time. She told me about her new enterprise with Japanese Facials, and explained how the process worked incorporating reflexology on your face as well as using all her products, of course I had to try it out. I have had numerous facials through my life but have never experienced anything like this before. Both during and after the experience I felt so so relaxed and my skin was glowing, needless to say I have a monthly appointment and not only is my skin looking so good , my overall health and wellbeing has benefited to. ( A very young 76 year old)“​​​

​"I'm so happy with my face and skin now.  Even after the first facial I could hardly believe the difference.  The lines and wrinkles are magically smoothed out and my whole face is beautiful and plump and smooth.  The facial points and face lifting massage are so deeply relaxing and release all your stress and tension AND you look amazing after it.  I've had 3 facials now and I'm loving how my skin looks and all the compliments I'm getting.  Thank you Anne, you are incredible." ❤️​

​"I was very pleased with my facial.  Its made a difference with the puffiness under my eyes and my skin felt amazing.   I wish I could come every week."

​"It feels so different and amazing!"

"Several years ago I was diagnosed with a large Cholesteatoma in my left ear, which was inflamed and bleeding regularly by the time I got to know Anna and Roger and completed the GW Facial Therapy Master Class. Using the various GW Japanese, Ayurvedic, and Reflexology techniques on a daily basis ever since, I noticed that my condition got much better; the bleeding has stopped and I do not feel discomfort in my ear anymore.While applying other forms of self care as well, I know that the regular GW Facials have greatly helped me. Having completed the GW Advanced Course just recently, now I can add further techniques to my daily routine. Of course, I could also turn back the clock on my face and people would call me 'ageless'! I am deeply grateful to Anna and Roger for the marvel they brought to this world, and I will make sure that my future Clients will get the same chance for a radiant face and better health & wellbeing, just like I did. Thank You, GW Facial Therapy!"

"I’m going to keep looking after myself and come regularly for a treatment with you Anne, because I feel so good with the Reflexology.  Trouble is I don't know which treatment to have next time.  I love the facials too and what a difference they're making.​"

​"This is the best treatment I have ever had done. My skin looks like a different person. I'm coming here every month. Thank you so much."​

​"Wonderful. Just incredible!"

​​"I have Anne’s Japanese facials regularly and it has really changed and improved my skin so much. Now its really smooth, the lines and wrinkles actually disappear and it feels beautiful and plump and has a healthy glow.  All the products are completely natural and they last a long time."

​"I've never had a facial like this.  I even  fall asleep because it is so deeply relaxing.  When I wake up my skin looks and feels amazing.  I’ve bought gift vouchers for friends so they can enjoy it too and I definitely recommend having a treatment."

​"This is the best facial treatment I have ever had, with the best results and your face will look absolutely amazing with all the things Anne does as she really knows her stuff and uses only the very best natural products.  I love the exfoliant and the face mask is divine.  You cant get a facial like this anywhere for this price and the Japanese points really feel good and tone the muscles and skin in your face."

"I am so happy with my Japanese facials, its brought my tired, lined skin back to life and I can look at my face in the mirror and feel good about myself again.   My husband has told me to keep getting them every month as he sees the difference in my face and that I feel happy again. The gorgeous woman products are really good,  work really well for my skin and they are not expensive.  And I always feel so relaxed and calm after a treatment." 

​"I couldn't wait to come back for my second Japanese Facial.  I told all my friends and neighbours how good it is.  My skin was glowing and so plump and smooth after the facial and I felt deeply relaxed.  The Potent Infusion sample you gave me for my face worked really well and a little goes a long way.  I will buy some and start using it."​

​"My partner bought me a gift voucher for a Japanese facial for xmas.  I really loved my facial and the reflexology too.  I left feeling so happy and have booked my next facial.  I'm recommending your treatments to everyone and they are  good value for money."​

​"My friend told me to come and have a Japanese facial after I noticed her skin was looking so good from having the facials. Now I have my monthly Japanese facial and so does my daughter and daughter-in- law.  This is my favourite facial treatment and all the products Anne uses are fabulous and anti-aging.  My skin looks  and feels amazing now."​

​"I could never describe how this treatment feels and makes you look. It is an incredible treatment. Love the Gorgeous Woman oils. Very good price. You will be seeing me every month."​

​"My face and neck looked the best they've ever been.  Very plump and lifted and all the fine lines were gone. My neck looked so good too I went and got my passport photos done the day after."​

​"Thank you Anne for the most beautiful foot treatment and facial it was truly magical thank you xx

"Anne was a very positive and soothing influence."
"Absolutely loved my first-ever facial. Came away feeling very relaxed & pampered" 🌸🌸
"Thanks Anne, I really enjoyed my facial - so relaxing!"
"I thoroughly enjoyed my Japanese Facial this afternoon. The products Anne used on my face were beautiful and soothing and the reflexology side of the appointment was heavenly. Anne’s salon is set up perfectly and I walked straight in when I arrived. Highly recommend!"
"Satisfied' lovely, thank you!"
"I received extra tips for optimum wellbeing, as well as treatment."

​​​​"My friend said this is the best facial she has ever spent her money on.  I have recommended your facial to our friends and we are all loving the Japanese facial.  You really see the results and I like the products are all natural and great for my skin.  I love how totally relaxed I feel afterwards."

​"Since Covid I have been checking your web site everyday to see when you reopened. I jumped online and booked straight away. I so needed one of your treatments."​

​"That's amazing! My face has never looked like this before. Where have all the lines gone! I'm going to tell everyone about you!"​

​"I have been paying $150 and the facial is nothing like this. My face... it's amazing. I'll be back here every month!"

​"That was incredible... I look much younger. I feel amazing!"​

​​​​"Anne is wonderful and I loved the treatment! She is knowledgeable and her professionalism is perfect!"​

"Lovely in all respects. My first visit and certainly not my last. Thanks Anne. :)"

​"I have never had anything like this before. So relaxing and I can really see the difference."​

​"As a beauty therapist I love your treatment and really want to learn how to do it." ​​

​"Your skin care is much better than the other place. The dry rough skin on my forehead has smoothed out."

​"When I got home my son said 'what happened to you mum! You look 10 years younger!'​

​"Love, love, love my Japanese facials.   Not only does my face look glowing and transformed but my sinus headaches and neck pain have really improved.  The foot reflexology also helps and I always leave feeling fabulous from head to toe."

​"Can’t recommend this facial enough.  The acupressure points have really helped release my tight muscles in my jaw and I’m not grinding my teeth in my sleep now.  All the products are natural and really make  your face toned and younger looking."​

​"My whole body feels good!!"

​"I booked in for a Japanese Facial after reading all the great reviews.  I've been to other salons and paid a lot of money and not had good results like I get with you. I couldn't stop touching my face. I love how it makes my skin so beautiful and smooth.  I felt so fabulous. Thank you!  I will be back again soon."​

​“Beautiful, relaxing Japanese facial.  Its transformed my face now and I’ve had lots of positive comments.”​

​“As soon as I walk in the door I feel relaxed as I know I’m in for the most beautiful hour of bliss. I really love how my skin looks and feels now.”​

​“It makes your face feel beautiful, but it makes you feel so calm and relaxed on the inside too.”​

​“This facial is just delightful.  My fine lines above my lips are filled in and gone.  My whole face really does look lifted and very plump. What a difference.  The girls at work asked me to check out the facial so I’m taking them your cards and recommending you.  And I feel like I’m so relaxed and floating on air.”​

​“I so look forward to my monthly Gorgeous Woman facial as its serious pampering for my face and Anne’s hands feel amazing. Anne is my go to for skin care as the products really work for my sensitive skin.”​

"I can’t recommend Anna highly enough, she did reflexology on me as well as the Japanese facial - they were both amazing.. sooo relaxing!! I could feel and see results instantly after the treatments.I will definitely be back again! I would also recommend Anna’s GW face products - I have been using them since my treatment and everyone has been commenting on how glowing my skin looks!!"

​"Fantastic!"   ​

​"Most relaxing"    

​"Friendly & efficient"    

​"Very competent & friendly Good parking"  

 "Wonderful as Always."    

​"Love coming here. Anne is a lovely person."

​"Enjoyable experience...will rebook!"    

​"Anne was professional yet welcoming so this made for an enjoyable experience."

​"A relaxing and enjoyable experience."​

​"I love going for my facial here. It's the best place. Anne is amazing very friendly and gives the best Japanese facials."​

"Feel amazing

Thank you so much Anne, you’re the best 💕"

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