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Skin Care Products


RETAIL CUSTOMERS can purchase at our Gorgeous Woman Retail Shop

Therapists, Students and Self-Care subscribers from Australia & NZ students can purchase here 
Therapists, Students and Self-Care subscribers from the USA, UK, Canada & EU countries can purchase here

  • Gorgeous Woman Skincare is a brand name of GW Facial Therapy

  • These are the recommended products used in GW treatments

  • The same premium quality products are sold by therapists to their clients

  • Add approx 42% markup to take the price to the recommended retail price (RRP)

  • The minimum wholesale order is $150

  • If you are purchasing "Clinic Use Only" products, please print out the ingredient list, as they are for use within the clinic only and do not have the ingredients on the label. The rest are labelled with ingredients.

  • Prices are AUD with GST taxes included, for Australian delivery only