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Please Note:
For a summary and information about "Watch & Apply" packages and our IICT Approved training course  see here

Residents from USA, UK, Canada and EU countries can access and  purchase here.

Pricing Plans - Fee Structure

The Initial Course Fee is for the Course itself, and the Monthly Subscription covers our costs to provide you with ongoing online access, for as long as you need it, to the online Resource Dashboard (which contains the Course resources - videos and PDF access). Most therapists prefer to keep their monthly subscription access open for ongoing reference purposes. The minimum subscription is one month. As to when you would cancel the subscription, it is entirely up to you. You can cancel it anytime after your first month. Once your monthly subscription is cancelled, it cannot be reopened.

The Plans below are for Australian & NZ residents only with GST included in price.
Skincare products are not included in the price.
All Pricing Plans come with the following benefits -

  • View/browse and learn at your own pace - no pressure

  • Access to PDF notes, illustrations and videos

  • An easy to navigate Resource Dashboard

  • Access to Wholesale priced premium GW skincare products

  • Zoom support can be purchased if needed

  • When you no longer need to access these resources,  you can cancel your monthly subscription anytime within your Account area. To cancel just click on the Person Icon on your navigation bar to open up your account area.

GW Facial Training Videos & Courses (Pricing Plans)

  • Introduction to GW Facial Therapy

    Every month
    Discover the unique and effective techniques used in GW Facial Therapy
  • GW FOCUS - Facial Acupressure

    Every month
    GW Facial Therapy Facial Focus Course - Facial acupressure points

    Every month
    The GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

    Every month
    AMINYA Academy - GW Japanese Facial with a Fine Tuning session with Anna at the Aminya Academy
  • GW JAPANESE FACIAL - with Anna

    Every month
    GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Course with Fine Tuning at Anna's home

    Every month
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