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GW Facial Therapy



What does GW stand for?
Gorgeous Woman...

Can anyone become a GW Facial Therapist?

Yes you don't need experience or qualifications to do any of the GW Training Courses. If you are a compassionate caring person interested in all things natural, then this is for you. No other qualifications or experience is necessary. We will teach you how to master the techniques. If you have the above qualifications,  from experience, we know, you will be well-suited to become a successful GW Facial Therapist. Perfect for a career or lifestyle change! After completing the GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation training course you will be able to call yourself a GW Facial Therapist and offer treatments.

What qualifications, if any, do your students usually have?
Our students are from all walks of life including nurses, carers, natural therapists, beauty therapists, massage therapists, reflexologists, professionals such as accountants and psychologists, teachers, admin staff, and therapists from many different modalities wishing to extend their skills and client offerings. Also, people looking for a career change, and those just wanting to learn a new skill - one that will benefit themselves and those they care about.

See feedback from Students here.


What language are the Courses in?

All courses are in the English language only.


What is GW Facial Therapy?
GW Facial Therapy is a 100% natural plant-based holistic facial treatment focussing on beauty, health and wellness. This proven effective treatment combines the art of Japanese face-lifting massage, with facial acupressure and anti-ageing facial reflexology. In addition, the treatment is enhanced  by a synergistic 12-step GW Skincare regimen based on carefully selected premium plant oils.

How was it developed?

GW Facial Therapy was developed over almost 20 years by co-founder Anna Glasson (McBride).  As a professional reflexologist and massage therapist, Anna was always interested in natural plant oils and natural facial therapies.


Discovering a synergy of ancient and modern facial techniques and plant oils?

Anna knew beautiful skin is healthy skin. So she spent many years studying and learning ancient and contemporary facial rejuvenation techniques from different countries. During this time, Anna discovered there were many benefits for beauty, health, and well-being, that natural facials used in synergy with premium natural oils can provide.


How did the retail Gorgeous Woman Skincare Range start?

This discovery further developed Anna's skincare blends, using premium plant-based, organic oils, extracts and ingredients. Anna's clients loved the hand-blended products she used in her treatments and would comment on how wonderful they felt on the skin, the positive results, and the calming natural aromas. So it wasn't long before Anna made extra products for the clients, their families, and friends to purchase and use between treatments.


Are the results instant?

Anna developed her skin care products over the years to work in perfect harmony with her facial techniques. The result was a truly restored, rejuvenated, youthful appearance to the complexion, a release of stress and tension from body and mind, and a feeling of energy and well-being. The results are instantly noticeable by the client resulting in regular repeat bookings.


What are the beauty benefits?
GW Facial Therapy brings all the benefits of a natural facial. It gives clients a younger, firmer, smoother, plumper complexion with a truly radiant glow.

The synergy of the pure plant-based GW products, combined with facial acupressure, facial reflexology and face-lifting massage techniques, smooths out wrinkles, improves skin tone and releases tension from muscles, while also lifting and toning facial muscles. In addition, an increase in circulation and blood flow increases hydration and nutrition of the cells, which in turn helps skin to become more resilient.

Is there a visible softening of fine lines and wrinkles?

Yes there is a visible softening of fine lines and wrinkles and the skin becomes plumper stronger and softer. As we work the techniques and oils deep into the dermal layers, collagen and elastin are produced in the reticular dermis. The face is lifted and toned, and the jawline becomes more sculpted and defined. Puffiness, crows feet and bags around the eyes improve along with the lymphatic flow.

Years of stress and worry can often become etched deeply into the client's face, along with permanent deep-seated expression lines. Even after one treatment, many lines can be unlocked, released, and ironed out. Of course, several treatments would be highly beneficial, but clients are often amazed at their first treatment's effectiveness.

What are the health and wellness benefits?
As GW Facial Therapy releases tight, tense muscles, particularly in the face, jaw and forehead, facial tension and pain in face, jaw and neck will release and chi energy flow will increase.

For sufferers of headaches, migraines and sinus problems, the GW Facial can greatly relieve clients. The treatment reduces stress, tension and anxiety in virtually all clients, and many will report increased energy and a sense of calmness and peace. Improved sleep can also be a benefit for many clients.

Is there a trend away from Botox and fillers?
Many women nowadays look for a natural facial instead of a facial using chemical skincare machines and other equipment. In the UK and Europe, natural facial treatments have become very popular and in demand. As a result, many Beauty therapists have learned and are providing GW Facial Therapy treatments. The GW Facial is a natural alternative to botox and fillers, and a monthly treatment will bring a revitalized, restored, healthier complexion to the client.

How did the Master Class come about?
In 2019, colleagues and the beauty industry asked Anna to share her knowledge. As a result, Anna held several successful On-Location Master Classes for massage and beauty therapists and other practitioners between 2020 and 2022. At Anna's request,  Master Class zoom and in-person sessions with Anna are now limited to a maximum of only 4  students. With overwhelming demand, and numerous requests, it was decided that future Master Classes would also be supported by online resources. Zoom technology would be used for fine-tuning techniques if the student cannot travel to Brisbane. More than 12 months was spent developing the approved Certificated course.


Do you have any feedback from students?

The student feedback is always very positive. See “Student Feedback” on this website.

What age are students who do your courses?

Students ages have ranged from 23 to 72 years of age.


Where are the Master Class fine-tuning sessions with Anna?
The Master Classes Fine-Tuning sessions are currently available by zoom or in-person in Brisbane, Australia. Interstate and overseas students are travelling to Brisbane to attend. The sunny Gold Coast, with its beautiful beaches and laid-back lifestyle, is only one hour away. Consequently, many students attending a Master Class make it a tax-deductible break for themselves. The alternative is the Zoom Fine-Tuning session with Anna.

Can I add the treatment as another service to my existing practice?
The GW Facial is a beautiful addition for all-natural practitioners to include as a service in their clinic. Reflexologists,  Beauty and Massage therapists and most natural practitioners can benefit from adding this service.  You may prefer to just use some of the techniques you learn.

Is the modality and online course recognized Internationally?
GW Facial Therapy has now been recognized as a standalone modality, by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, in 35 countries. GW training providers and the online GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation course have been approved as a Certificated course in 35 countries. For example, Australia, NZ, USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden... 


Can I apply for Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Certificated GW Facial Therapists can apply for professional indemnity insurance through the IICT if required.

How much an hour would I charge for a treatment?
GW Facial Therapists charge between $95 to $140 for a one-hour treatment. As therapists can buy GW Skincare products wholesale, many supplement their treatment income with retail product sales.

What are the benefits to the practitioner?
This treatment is easy on your body and will generate regular repeat bookings from happy clients. Your clients will love that you have included this new service and will want to try it. GW products purchased at wholesale prices, can be resold with a 40%+ markup to increase your currently fixed hourly earning average.

Can I learn GW Facial Therapy quickly online?
Yes. The course is easy to learn. You could learn it over a few days but access to the course is provided for 60 days. Training course materials include viewable PDFs and comprehensive videos. The GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation course includes an optional fine-tuning meeting with Anna.

Is it a Certificated Course?
Yes the GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Course is a Certificated Course. The online course cost is tax deductible and minimal, with a clinic day's worth of treatments covering the cost. A numbered and registered GW Facial Therapist Certificate is provided for completing the GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation course.

Are Continual Professional Training Points available?
Training Course: GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation – 12 hours and another 12 hours of practice treatments.
Your association will be able to advise you as to the number of points available. As an example, the GW Facial Therapy - GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Training Course is registered with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) as a 24-hour course and may attract 12 or more CPT 'continued professional training/development' points within your relevant association. For example, the Reflexology Association of  Australia, the IICT and the  Aminya Academy provide CPT points. The GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation course comes under Activity 17 in the RAoA CPT Program and attracts 12 points.

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