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Master Class Overview

A Holistic Treatment,
Internationally Recognized in 35 countries
An IICT approved
Master Class  

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This information is for Australian therapists/students. For therapists/students from other countries please visit this page. Thank you.

GW Facial Therapy is a 100% natural, highly effective holistic treatment focusing on BEAUTY HEALTH WELLNESS. In our GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation treatment, precise and intensive manipulation of the facial muscles is involved. We use our proven blend of Japanese face-lifting massage, anti-aging facial reflexology, facial acupressure, facial massage techniques and our 100% natural premium Gorgeous Woman Skincare facial restoring products.


Beauty Health Wellness

The holistic treatment releases tension, stress, and tight muscles and provides deep hydration and vitamin therapy. This results in a more sculpted, toned, lifted complexion with increased circulation and a natural glow. Fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and bags under the eyes are diminished. Toxins and stagnation are released through lymphatic drainage, and there is an increase in Chi energy flow through our Japanese face-lifting massage techniques and facial acupressure. Tense, tight, locked up jaw muscles are released. We will teach you these easy-to-learn techniques.

This is a very popular and fabulous treatment providing a new lifestyle business opportunity OR for bringing new clients and repeat bookings to an existing business.

No Experience is needed
If you are a compassionate, caring person interested in all things natural, this is for you! We will teach you how to master the techniques. If you have the above qualities,  from experience, we know you will be well-suited to become a successful GW Facial Therapist. Our students are from all walks of life including nurses, carers, natural therapists, beauty therapists, massage therapists, reflexologists, professionals such as accountants and psychologists, teachers, admin staff, and therapists from many different modalities wishing to create a new lifestyle/business or extend their skills and client offerings.
See feedback from Students here.

GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Master Classes
Within 24 hours of purchasing your Master Class, you will receive an email providing instructions allowing you to access your online
Resource Dashboard.
Details in regard to preparation for your Fine-Tuning Session with your teacher teacher Anna Glasson, will follow by separate email around two weeks prior to the Session starting.
To introduce our new Training Course format, we have for a limited time Special
'EARLY BIRD" Prices of AU$550 to $770 currently available (normally AU$990) - The earlier you book the cheaper the Course. Afterpay is available if required.
Please select a date below which suits you to purchase/secure your place in a Master Class. Pricing below is in AUD.
NOTE: ZOOM and Brisbane Fine-Tuning Sessions are limited to a maximum of 4 students.
The Table below is constantly changing. As Session times become booked out, new Sessions are created.


​The GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Treatment
You can use these techniques or the treatment in your new business, existing practice, or with family and friends. ​​

The Master Class: GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation
The Master Class consists of a small group Fine-Tuning Session with your teacher, supported by comprehensive online video and PDF resources.
The online resources are designed to make learning the different GW Facial Therapy techniques easy. They provide a pleasant learning experience. Illustrations for each technique will also assist you in completing the various courses.​ The personal session with Anna our founder will enrich your experience and help you fine-tune your techniques.
You also have an option of a Zoom Fine-Tuning Session, or you can visit your teacher in her Brisbane, Australia home. Perhaps you could make it to sunny Brisbane Australia for a business trip and a holiday at the same time. :-) 

Our students have found either option has worked well for them. Anna prefers to have small classes so has restricted the maximum of students able to attend a class to four for both options.
You can see an
Outline of the Master Class here

English language course
This course is suitable for students from all English-speaking countries. 

Time to complete the course: Although you could work through the Resource Dashboard in a day or two, you will have 60-days access to the Resource Dashboard and viewable course materials.


GW Facial Therapy IICT Training Provider Certificate.PNG

The Certificate
GW Facial Therapy GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Certification will allow you to practice in any country.
The course has been approved by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT). 

Professional Indemnity insurance

Certificated GW Facial Therapists who have successfully completed the GW Facial Therapy Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Training Course can apply to the IICT for Professional Indemnity insurance in the following countries (below).

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