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Training Course "Introduction to
GW Facial Therapy"

“Introduction to GW Facial Therapy”

The numbered and registered Certificate will be emailed to you on completion of your course. You will have 60-days access to the Dashboard and course materials.


Suitable for: existing therapists who are interested in learning new facial rejuvenation techniques to add to their services.

This course will provide you with an introduction to GW Facial Therapy.  You will be able to use these techniques in your existing practice or on family and friends. This Course is an introductory mini version of the GW Facial Therapy Level 1 training course. This Certificate will NOT allow you to refer to yourself as a GW Facial Therapist or secure Professional Indemnity insurance through IICT.


Upgrade available: If you wish to upgrade to the GW Facial Therapy Level 1 course with the optional Assessment Level 2 which includes the Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Course, you can do so anytime by applying within your GW training dashboard for the upgrade.
You will then be provided with a Coupon Code to allow you to purchase the GW Facial Therapy Level 1 Course at a 40% discount. Successful completion of t
he optional Assessment Level 2 WILL allow you to refer to yourself as a GW Facial Therapist and secure Professional Indemnity insurance through IICT.

IMPORTANT - when purchasing you will redirect to our global website - you will be buying in USD. After purchase you can either access your course by downloading the PDF on the Order Summary/Confirmation Page or by waiting for an email. If the Confirmation Email containing the PDF file with links/instructions to access your Training Course, is not in your INBOX, then please check as you will find it in your JUNK box.







The "Introduction to GW Facial Therapy" Training Course highlights -

Cost: US$295

  • 60 days access to viewing resources

  • View/browse and learn at your own pace - no pressure

  • No examination required

  • Theory Library access  - PDF viewer and 3 Videos

  • 20 GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation techniques

  • Access to 2 videos of GW GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation techniques being demonstrated and includes illustrations of the same techniques in PDF viewer

  • Access for Practitioners to Wholesale products for self or resale (30% off retail prices allows for a 42.5% markup to retail).

  • If you like the course you can apply for an upgrade to the full GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation training course.


About the "Introduction to GW Facial Therapy Course"

The course is designed for you to work through the videos at your own pace. It is better than a live course because there is less pressure. You can pause and rewind the videos to go back over a technique to make sure you have it right. And there are two camera angles to view the technique from. There are lots of supporting illustrations and notes too.


Theory: The first 3 videos are Theory and you may find you probably only will need to listen to them once. You also have PDF notes on the theory which you can read.  This won’t take long.


Product knowledge: The GW Skincare range video will educate you on the products that we have developed for our GW Facial. You will also learn about the products in Step 3 the Beauty Preparation Video. Anna understands the benefits of the special blend of natural ingredients in various products. She knows how to use the products synergistically in the Facial, and will talk through how to use them on clients for the best results.


Facial Acupressure Points: The Facial Acupressure Points are learned in Step 3, Video 5. And while you are learning the Facial Acupressure Points, you can also refer to these in your PDF notes.


Techniques: In Step 4 you will see the Technique videos. The Techniques are learned in groups of five techniques, starting off with effleurage techniques.  Work with the videos when you are learning and practicing, as this is exactly how they are taught in a live class. The Introduction to GW Facial Therapy course has 20 techniques and the GW Facial Therapy – Japanese Facial Rejuvenation course has 40 techniques.

In time you will choose which Techniques you prefer to use. Many are simple and straightforward to learn, but highly effective, delivering great results. As you progress through the Technique Videos, the latter techniques will become more complex. It’s a great idea to watch the videos several times, so you can master the more complex techniques. This will enable you to become a highly skilled therapist. 

Remember practice makes perfect.

And Your practice model will love you for this!


We have filmed all the Techniques from 2 camera angles.  

They are filmed first of all with the camera showing the right side of the face and then the next section films over the whole face.  We found this was the best way for the students to learn and observe the Techniques. Anna demonstrates and explains each technique, in exactly the same way she would in a live class.



Your PDF Kit


THEORY – Video 1 - 45 mins

Welcome message and introduction by Anna
PDF Section 1. The Skin,
PDF Section 2. Muscles & Bone,
PDF Section 3. Benefits of GW Facial Therapy


THEORY – Video 2 - Theory 49 mins

PDF Section 4. GW Skincare solutions,
PDF Section 5. Contraindications Precautions Hygiene and Patient Care,


THEORY – Video 3 - 68 mins
PDF Section 6. Skin Types
PDF Section 7. Circulation
PDF Section 8. Lymphatic System
PDF Section 9. Nervous System
PDF Section 10. Cranial Nerves


Hand Massage Video 4 - 26 mins
PDF Section 15. Hand Massage

Facial Acupressure Points – Video 5 - 15 mins
PDF Section 11  

Beauty Preparation – Video 6 - 29mins
PDF Section 12


GW Techniques 1-10 – Video 7 - 44 mins
PDF Section 12 Description and Illustrations

GW Techniques – 11-20 Video 8 - 48 mins
PDF Section 12 Description and Illustrations

Provides information and Coupon Code with a 40% discount should you decide to Upgrade to the full course - GW Facial Therapy - Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial Rejuvenation.


Please note this is a global website with all pricing in USD

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