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Master Class Training Course

MASTER CLASS Online & In Person with Anna the founder of GW Facial Therapy
GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation is our complete training course. It comprises comprehensive online training plus a hands-on day at Anna's home in Brisbane OR if you cannot get to Brisbane, Australia, then you will have the option of a three-hour Zoom Fine-tuning session with Anna instead.

Qualifications: If you are a compassionate caring person interested in all things natural, then this is for you! No other qualifications or experience is necessary. We will teach you how to master the techniques. If you have the above qualifications,  from experience, we know, you will be well-suited to become a successful GW Facial Therapist. Our online training course is easy to learn with excellent videos and illustrations of the various techniques. Although we allow 60 days to complete our facial therapy courses, they could be completed comfortably over a day or two.

See more on the course below also see feedback from students here...

Note: Online courses are priced in USD and available in the English language only.

A Quick Video Introduction To GW Facial Therapy

​​​1. GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation

​This Master Class online course will provide you with a thorough knowledge of GW Facial Therapy.  You can use this treatment and techniques in your new business, your existing practice, or with family and friends. Many of our students have successfully created new GW Facial Therapy businesses based on GW Facial Therapy natural facial rejuvenation techniques.

This course includes an optional fine-tuning session with Anna the founder of GW Facial Therapy. Either by Zoom or at her home in Brisbane Australia.
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​​Registered Numbered Certificate –
“Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial Rejuvenation”


​​2. GW Facial Therapy Self-Care


Anna, the founder of GW Facial Therapy, is sharing these fabulous self-care facial techniques she uses in her daily beauty regimen.


Anna is also sharing the hand massage and acupressure techniques she uses for herself and her family to help relieve some common ailments associated with daily living.

GW Self-Care is available as a monthly ongoing subscription which can be cancelled anytime.

Suitable for: Anyone wishing to use quickly learned anti-aging techniques to improve the health of their skin, facial appearance and wellness.

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