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GW Facial Therapy

Information about our
"Watch & Apply" Packages
& Gorgeous Woman Japa
nese Facial Rejuvenation®Training Course


Comments below are by our Founder and Master Trainer Anna Glasson

Welcome to GW Facial Therapy

You will find GW is as much about health and wellness as it is about beauty. If you are a compassionate, caring person interested in all things natural, this is for you! Our videos will show you how to apply the GW techniques. Our students are from all walks of life, including nurses, carers, reiki practitioners, aromatherapists, beauty therapists, pilates teachers, massage therapists, reflexologists, professionals such as accountants and psychologists, teachers, admin staff, and therapists from many different modalities. All wanting to create a new lifestyle/business or to extend their skills and client offerings.

Rewarding work
Your clients will love the treatment! The regular repeat bookings, higher hourly rate and additional product sales income generated can make this modality very rewarding. In addition, the premium GW skincare range is exclusive for GW therapists at wholesale prices. These products are not available at retail outlets.
There is more information to answer your questions below.

GW facial therapy muscles of the face

FEEDBACK - "The videos are very descriptive and techniques were easy to understand. Anna's explanations were also easy to understand. The videos were perfect length & loved we had PDF notes to refer to at the same time." Claire H.

"I have just completed the GW Japanese Facial Course and it has been a wonderful experience. I have done this online from Perth and have felt very supported throughout the process. The course is broken up into segments so it's not too overwhelming. The videos are thorough and easy to follow as Anna explains each step in depth. The Zoom Fine-tuning session with Anna was very useful for perfecting some of the more tricky techniques. I found both Anna and Roger to be extremely helpful, understanding and caring, always available and quick to respond to queries. They are obviously very passionate about what they do and it's contagious!"
Sarah P.
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GW Facial Training Courses available

Our NEW Short Course "Watch & Apply" Method

Anna Glasson, the founder of GW Facial Therapy, is a professional reflexologist, reiki and massage therapist. Anna knows you are 'time poor' and has bundled the information you need into an easy watch & apply online format of videos and illustrations. The unique Watch & Apply programs allow you to learn the basic techniques of GW Facial Therapy, including Facial Acupressure and the Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial Rejuvenation® treatment.
These video based short courses provide an easy transition from learning the techniques and being able to practice them on yourself, friends and family.
Simply watch the videos and start practicing today!

1. Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial Rejuvenation® Training Course
Ideal if you want to create a new direction, new service or business for yourself. Our focus is to help you become the very best GW Facial Therapist that you can achieve. In summary, this easy to follow package provides you with access to GW techniques, videos and illustrations including the fabulous GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation treatment. You will learn how to give your clients a 100% natural holistic facial therapy treatment that delivers an amazing result - see client feedback. An Attendance Certificate will be emailed to you. The IICT approved Completion Certificate is an optional extra.


Pricing Plan - Initial Course Fee $395 then ongoing access to the online resources is a subscription at $29 monthly.
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OPTION - There is an $440 optional upgrade for full Certification which you can consider after you start. This also provides you with a one-on-one fine tuning zoom session with Anna the founder of GW Facial Therapy.

Comments by Master Trainer Anna Glasson
A popular holistic treatment
For me, it has been a natural development over many years to evolve as a GW facial therapist, and the whole journey has brought many great rewards along the way. When I introduced GW to my clinic, my clients were enthralled with the results. The feedback from all the positive and beneficial results that clients report has been gratifying to hear. Many ladies are looking for a natural facial that brings health benefits with great revitalizing results. Over the last few years, I have seen many clients who have left ‘shopping mall salons’ and have chosen to have their regular facials in my clinic.
Clients regularly travel from hours away and from interstate when visiting family to come in for the Facial treatment. And they frequently ask, ‘Is there a therapist who practices your techniques in my area that I can book in with?’ So there is no doubt that there is a very high demand from clients for this natural Facial which delivers health and wellness results.

For natural therapists and therapists to be...
GW provides an opportunity for you to diversify comfortably.
Offering GW Facial Therapy to clients will enhance and boost your business. It is a relatively easy therapy to learn and is the perfect Facial Therapy to bring into any Clinic. Because it is a complete therapy, once you have learned and perfected your techniques, you can provide GW Facial The
rapy to existing and brand-new clients. Word will soon spread about the great new therapy you offer in your clinic.

Treatment frequency?
Positive results are noticeable after the first treatment. Most clients come every month for their GW Facial and feel and see great results. However, when a client first starts having their GW Facials, it is recommended that they have them every two or three weeks for optimum results for the first three Facials. Many clients will only ever come monthly and are happy with the results and positive health and beauty effects of the Facial.

Easy on the body
Another great benefit for the therapist is that physically, it is an easier treatment on the body and gives your arms, hands, shoulders and back a rest from practicing other therapies. This can help extend your working life as we age.

A new opportunity
This very popular and fabulous beauty health and wellness treatment provides a new lifestyle business opportunity OR for bringing new clients and repeat bookings to an existing business.


Wholesale skincare products
GW Skincare products are not included in the price of training courses. Skincare products can be purchased at wholesale prices as required for yourself, family and friends, or for use in treatments or for resale to clients.


Professional Training Points
The GW Japanese Facial Training courses, is registered with IICT as a 12 hour course with another 12 hours of practical treatments and may attract 10 points in most Associations.

US/English language
All resources, including support, are available in English, exclusively for students from the following countries: the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia & NZ.

What is GW Facial Therapy?
GW Facial Therapy is a highly-effective, 100% natural holistic modality. GW uses precise, intensive, firm but also gentle manipulation of the facial muscles to achieve BEAUTY, HEALTH and WELLNESS. The outstanding results are from our proven blend of Japanese face-lifting massage, anti-aging facial reflexology, facial acupressure, and facial massage techniques in synergy with our specially developed, 100% natural, premium facial restoring oils and creams.
We will teach you these easy-to-learn techniques. See feedback

Beauty, Health Wellness
Beauty - The holistic GW Facial Therapy® treatment releases tension, stress, and tight muscles and provides deep hydration and vitamin therapy. Our GW Japanese facial will most certainly help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The combination of facial acupressure, facial reflexology techniques and face-lifting massage work in harmony with GW oils and creams, bringing fabulous results. This results in a more sculpted, toned, lifted complexion with increased circulation and a natural glow. Fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and bags under the eyes are diminished.
Health - Toxins and stagnation are released through lymphatic drainage, and there is an increase in Chi energy flow through our Japanese face-lifting massage techniques and facial acupressure. Tense, tight, locked-up jaw muscles are released.
Wellness - Another great benefit clients love is the total relaxation and sense of calmness from the facial and increased energy throughout the face and body the following day.

The Resource Dashboard
The online resources are designed to make learning the different GW Facial Therapy techniques easy. Learning GW is not difficult and the videos provide a pleasant learning experience. You can just watch and apply. The Resource Dashboard is designed for you to work through the videos and the viewable and printable PDF, at your own pace. This can work better than a live course for many students because there is less pressure and you can go over all the techniques and PDF as much as you need to. You can make the videos full screen and you can pause and rewind the videos to review a technique to ensure you have it right. And there are two camera angles to view the technique from. You will find there are lots of supporting videos, illustrations and notes to help you master these techniques. Because of our security policy the PDF is not downloadable but if you wish to, you can print it out. The Course is designed for viewing on a PC, Lapto
p or tablet. As a subscriber you have access to the videos, to learn from, and practice as often as you can. The more you practice, the more effectively you will apply the techniques.

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