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Feedback from Clients

Please note: the text messages, email extracts, reviews and comments on this page were made by clients experiencing a GW Facial Therapy treatment (all ages from 18 to 85). For privacy reasons names are not shown. BTW Anna is also known as Anne for short.

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I expected to be relaxed and calm but I didn't expect my face to look like this! How did you get my face to look so plump and smooth? And the wrinkles are gone!


Wonderful. Just incredible!


My face feels alive. It feels like you have brought my face back to life again! And my body too! Look at my face - where have the lines gone!


This Japanese facial is on a different level, more what you expect from a $300 treatment.  I’d been thinking about having botox injections, but with having some Japanese facials my skin is plumped up and toned and I don't need botox.  The frown lines are gone and my hormonal break outs are completely cleared up.  I’ve bought some of the Gorgeous Woman products and they are keeping my skin looking beautiful, the best its ever been.

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It feels so different and amazing!

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An opportunity for you!